What we do

DITRAC Ltd provides earthmoving solutions through out Rodney, Hibiscus Coast and the greater Auckland area. We specialise in a range of both rural, residential and commercial earthworks including but not limited to;



Rock Breaking


Drilling & Footings


Landscaping & Drainage


Sand, Metal & Topsoil Supply & Delivery


Small tree felling - Innovative Grab Attachment


Farm Races, Ponds, Drains & Dams


Horse Arenas


Section Clearing


Pool Dig Outs




Rock Walls - rock placement - innovative grab attachment makes this really efficient

We are not just any ordinary earthworks company. We don’t hire out a machine and an operator, we offer a full package. We manage the job from start to finish, we offer free consultancy services - explaining to you the best way to achieve the final product you are after. We will always advise when something won’t work. We take pride in our work and we stand behind it. We offer free quotes and estimates and we will work within your budget. Sometimes this means doing part of job now and doing part at a later date where possible. In some cases it means holding off. We also advise on our quotes and estimates, the expected payment terms - when invoices will be issued and the time required to pay. We won’t surprise you at the end of the job with unknown costs or tag outs. Where extra work is required or unexpected costs arise, we will contact you before we carry on. It is then your call how to proceed.

Where required we also manage all subcontractors - we manage the project, giving you just one invoice at the end. We recommend this service where your time is limited. It can also make the job run a lot more smoothly as we can communicate more efficiently with the subcontractors. We are happy to work with your preferred subcontractors or we can recommend ones that we have worked well with in the past.

We have well maintained equipment and conduct regular servicing. We are also up to date with the latest attachments and equipment for the services we provide. Check out our Facebook page to view a video of our latest purchase - innovative grab attachment. This attachment has improved our efficiency on a number of jobs already and has provided a safer work environment for our workers and subcontractors. We own a lot of the support equipment such rollers and compactors. This allows us to spend the extra time making sure the finishing of the job is top notch.

Our purpose is to stand out by having exceptional customer service, creating outstanding earthwork solutions, charging a fair price and maintaining healthy subcontractor relationships.