How it all began

DITRAC is owned and operated by partners Sandy Norman and Cheryl Ladd. After many years of experience in the industry and many long days, shaping and contouring our own properties we decided it was time to setup our own earthworks company. It was through these experiences that we realised that there was a real need for a top notch earthworks company that gets the job done and gets it done right - first time.
Our Company

We have a range of earthworks equipment including excavators, rollers, compactors, six wheeler truck, concrete cutters and a number of attachments.


We service the Auckland area.

We are available by full contract or simply by the hour.


We offer a free no obligation visit and quote, an opportunity for a down to earth solution for your place or space.



Our strategy is simple, a quality job at a fair price. We meet with our customers at the site in order to get a full understanding of the job. We will keep you the customer, informed right throughout the job. This includes not only the cost of the job but how the job is progressing and when we expect to complete the job.


Here at DITRAC we believe that safety is paramount and it is for this reason that we are active members of Site Safe and hold the Site Safe passport.

Before commencing a job we do a full assessment of the site and put measures in place to manage any potential hazards.


We ensure that our staff are aware of industry updates and that our machinery is well maintained and suitable to any job.



Environment & Sustainability

We place a high value on caring for our enviroment. As a business we are always looking for ways to minimise our impact, whether this be reducing waste or engaging in protective measures to control sediment and prevent soil erosion. Where possible we use environmentally friendly products.